Just for Fun

Allen County citizens enjoy a variety of recreational activities, including an 18-hole public golf course in Iola, tennis courts, city parks, swimming pools in Iola and Humboldt, Iola Country Club, bowling alleys, a six-screen indoor cinema in Iola, and one outdoor cinema.


Opportunities for recreation for Allen County residents range from the thrill of bagging a 10-point buck with a well-placed hunting arrow to bowling with the office league. The possibilities include the Neosho River, where families can spend weekends boating, camping, picnicking and fishing.

Full-time recreation commissions in both Humboldt (visit Humboldt Rec website) and Iola provide more than adequate information on activities and events. Those schedules are provided for Iola and Humboldt.



In addition to a multitude of outdoor activities, fine arts buildings such as the Bowlus Fine Arts center provide adults and children alike with evening entertainment -- all year long.

Attracting nationally-acclaimed performers to the area, the Bowlus Fine Arts Center also houses a fine arts education center. For more information, visit the Thomas H. Bowlus Fine Arts Center Homepage.




picture of Iola Riverside Park

Southeast Kansas teams with fish and game. The fields yield quail, prairie chicken, doves, ducks and geese. Catfish, pike, crappie and bass can be caught in the ponds, creeks and rivers. Deer roam the wooded areas along the waterways. Trappers reap a rich harvest of beaver, raccoon, coyote, bobcat and muskrat pelts.

State lakes provide families opportunities for weekend sailing, water-skiing, camping, picnicking, and more fishing.