Director of Public Works

Mitch Garner
1 North Washington
Iola KS  66749
E-mail to:
Fax: 620-365-1446

Mitch Garner

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of roads, bridges, county equipment, the landfill, quarry, special bridge, noxious weeds and airport.

Engineering is provided through consultants.


Kim Riebel, Office Manager
1 N Washington
Iola KS 66749
E-mail to:
Fax: 620-365-1446

Responsibilities include accounting, clerical, correspondence, schedules meetings and appointments, collect fees, prepares Airport and Landfill billing, prepares time sheets, prepares bills for payment, orders supplies, attends meetings and keeps records of departmental actives.

Road and Bridge

Heath Womack, Foreman
1309 S Washington
Iola KS
Fax: 620-365-1446

Heath Womack

Responsibilities include maintenance of 970 miles of roads through out the 504 square mile area. One hundred and twenty miles are hard surfaced. Six motor graders in assigned districts blade rock roads approximately every three to four weeks. New trucks hauling bigger loads, i.e. Tandem axle with pup trailer and twenty yard end dumps have been added to the truck fleet to provide versatility and efficiency. An aggressive mowing program continues the year around. To keep right of ways cleared to the fence. Trees are side trimmed to maintain right of way width.


1309 S Washington Iola KS
1 N Washington Iola KS 66749
Foreman - JD Harris
Work Phone: 620-365-1424
Fax: 620-365-1446

JD Harris

Responsibilities include the maintenance of all county owned vehicles and equipment within the Public Works Department. One full time road mechanic and one shop mechanic assist the foreman with overhauls, welding and routine maintenance. This shop handles all repairs except tire repair.



1170 2800 Street LaHarpe KS
1 N Washington Iola KS 66749
-Chris Craft
Work Phone: 620-365-1422
Fax: 620-365-1446

Chris Craft

County crews are certified for blasting, making this a very efficient operation.



1170 2800 Street LaHarpe KS
1 N Washington Iola KS 66749
- Jeremy Hopkins
Work Phone: 620-496-2310
Fax: 620-365-1446
Landfill Hours: Mon-Sat 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

Landfill Regulations

Responsibilities include the safe and efficient operation of a subtitle D landfill in compliance with state and federal requirements. Vehicles are weighed and scale tickets are sent to the Public Works office for billing. Allen County residents dump normal residential trash free of charge. Scrap iron and white goods are separated and sold. Used oil is collected and picked up by an authorized hauler from Wichita. Plans are in the works to expand recycling effort to include plastics, glass and card board. Paper recycling is currently handled by a local civic group, assisted by the county with four transport trailers.

Noxious Weed

1321 S Washington Iola KS 66749
Noxious Weed Director - Mike Hough

Work Phone: 620-365-1450
Fax: 620-365-1446

Mike Hough

Responsibilities include the control and eradication of noxious weeds within the county in accordance with state laws. Sends out notices, does surveys of county for noxious weeds, fills out reports, does billing and purchasing.



1705 Minnesota Road Iola KS 66749
Airport Manager
- Tanner Odell
Work Phone: 620-365-1465
Fax: 620-365-1446


Tanner Odell

Responsibilities include the sale of aviation gas, unleaded gas, jet fuel and oil. Enclosed "T" hangars are available. Allen County has a 5,500' concrete runway and is 1,020' above sea level.